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Welcome toSK Art's Productions

The founder of ‘SK Art Production’ Company Mr. Shiva Bagul is a famous personality in Marathi film industry. He created ‘SK Art Production’ Company in 2003 & continue working in the cinema field. Today SK Art's Production operates the entertainment world and produces Marathi films, short films, biographies, documentaries, songs and dramas through these. Various productions and through SK Arts Production till date I have worked with producers, technicians and many more artist's in the entertainment world.

Current Activities

Our Services

The film makers intend to make maximum profit by investing money from different producers, investing in various projects and making good planning with great confidence. We urge producers to work with us and take advantage of our various services.

Looking for

It is very important to find new ideas, technical sources and new opportunities in marketing in the field of cinema. We always try to work with people who are working to make great movies and bring them to the world and get financial benefits out of them. We are most welcome such person.

Brand Partnership

SK Arts Productions is working successfully in the field of 'Film Making' and 'Film Distribution.'
While working on this, I realized that there is a big opportunity to advertise different products in the field of film.
Also, the advertisement here is much bigger than the advertisement in other places.
So now SK Arts Productions has started working in the advertising sector as well.
There is a big opportunity in the field of film to advertise different products with different plans.
In addition to FILM BRANDING, EVENTS as well as CO-PRODUCER, RELEASE PARTNER, FOOD PARTNER, TRAVEL PARTNER, there are also many new options available.
We will now do publicity with a definite plan in the film sector which used to be called uncertain market.
Definitely your product will help to reach far and wide through film, as the film sector is the medium of competent communication between the consumer and the producer.
To grow your business, you need to use new advertising options today.
Come on then, understand our publicity plan and get in touch to promote quality of your products.
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