SK Arts Production

About Us

SK Arts Production is a film production organization, established on January 1st 2003, Pune, Maharashtra. SK Arts was initially known as ‘Shiva Kranti Kala Pratishthan’, which eventually came to be known as SK Arts Production. Today, the organization is working in the field of film as per the rules of “Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal”.

The entire film is produced through SK Arts. In it all the works of story, screenplay, dialogue writing, music, lyrics, cinematography, direction, photography, compilation, editing, sensor, distribution etc. are done. Similarly, dance, drama, documentary, advertisement are also produced. SK Arts produced several short films. Among them are Eklavya, Hunda, Kachara, Jai, Kandalo. Some films have been honored with various awards.

“Raje … Ek Kranti” and “San 1981” were produced by SK Arts. The film stars Rajdutt, Nagesh Bhosale, Mohan Joshi, Sunil Godbole, Shiv Shahir Babasaheb Purandare, Jayamala Inamdar and singer Adarsh ​​Shinde has performed their art for these movies.. Both these films have received the “Best Debut Director Award” and “Best Gramin Film Award” from “NIFF” respectively. In addition to the creation of SK Arts, the projects of other producers and sponsors are done with confidence.

We would like to proudly say that since April 2019, SK Arts has successfully made its first foray into the field of distribution through its own Marathi film ‘San 1981’. Continuing this successful tradition in 2020, the movie ‘Kai Bai’ was also distributed. It is well-known that transparent and reliable functionality is one of the highlights of SK Art’s service.


Honourable Shiva Bagul is one of the leading director and producer in Marathi film industry. He established SK Arts production on Ist jan 2003. Through his production house he directed Marathi as well as other language movies.

At age of 12 he entered in the industry and performed lots of roles on different platform. However he couldn’t get the desired opportunity so he decided to form a new production house in order to help the struggling talent in industry. Keeping this in mind he founded SK ARTS PRODUCTION on 1st Jan 2003.

With his organization he directed many movies and short films. He also performed as an assistant actor, writer, songwriter, compiler, cameraman and director.

Hon. Shiva Bagul always says, “if you are fulfilling the dream of others, your dream will come true.”

  1. Best Gramin Chitrapat - NIFF 2016
  2. Best Debut Director - NIFF 2014
  3. Rangbhumi Seva Purskar - Akhil Bhartiy Natya Parishad, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  4. Kavya Purskar - Gnyankranti Santha, Pune
  5. Kavya Purskar - Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad, Pimpri- chinchwad
  6. Kavya Purskar - Khandesh Maratha Mandal, Pune
  7. Kavya Purskar - Kavyamitra Sanstha, Pune
  8. Mahakavi Wamandada Kardak Kavya Purskar - Rajshree Shahu Maharaj Santha, Pune
  9. Chha. Sambhajiraje Kalagaurav Purskar - Akhil Bhartiy Sahitya Parishad
  10. Krantijoty Savitribai Kala Gaurav Purskar - Akhil Bhartiy Mali Mahasangha
  11. Swami Vivekanand Kalaratna Purskar - Sanskar Pratisthan, Maharastra

  1. Satyashodhak - Movie - Executive Producer
  2. San 1981 - Movie - writng/Direction
  3. Raje Ek Kranti - Movie - Acting/writng/Direction
  4. Todfod - Movie - Acting
  5. Vedana - Movie - Acting
  6. Aadesh - Movie - Acting
  7. Shaharatali Por. - Movie - Acting
  8. Aatmhattya - Script - Movie - Writing
  9. Dnyanjyoti Savitribai Phule - Script - Writing
  10. Eklavya - Shortfilm - Writing/Direction
  11. Kachara - Shortfilm - Writing/Direction
  12. Hunda - Shortfilm - Direction
  13. Ye kaisa aaya jamana - Shortfilm - Direction
  14. Chingi - Shortfilm - Acting
  15. Jaee - Shortfilm - Editing/Direction
  16. Kandalo - Shortfilm - Editing/Direction
  17. Bhut - Script - Shortfilm - writing
  18. Mich mazya kavitetun - Album - Direction
  19. Popat .Com - Album - Acting

  1. Wahato hi durvanchi judi - Drama - Acting
  2. Saujanyachi ashitaishi - Drama - Acting
  3. Sakshatkar - Drama - Acting/Direction
  4. Balyache Vashtraharan - Drama - Acting
  5. Pati gele kathewadi - Drama - Acting
  6. Meghmallhar - Drama - Acting
  7. Aaghat - Drama - Acting/writing/Direction
  8. Upekshit - Drama - Acting
  9. Ashi hi hasava fasavi - Drama - Acting/writing/Direction
  10. Saksharata Aabhiyan - Drama - Acting
  11. Mr. Pratap - Drama - Acting/writing/Direction
  12. Anyay - Drama - writing
  13. Ha saaj marathmola - Stage show - Acting/writng/Direction
  14. Aai Fakt Tuzyachsathi - Stage show - Acting/writing/Direction

  1. ‘Priticha Vanva Uri Petala' - Serial - Acting
  2. ‘Yogiraj Jai Shankar’ - Serial - Acting
  3. Peshavai - Serial - Acting
  4. Nandadip - Serial - Acting
  5. Aagnihotra - Serial - Acting